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Powerful Selling Tools

Financial professionals who affiliate with us have access to a diverse portfolio of resources and opportunities.

Our financial professionals have 24/7 access to complete sales systems that include comprehensive checklists, video tutorials, step-by-step appointment instructions, pre-designed advertising, business documents and customized cutting-edge software reports that clearly communicate complex financial concepts ... all to meet the needs of today's sophisticated investor.


The 1040 Snapshot provides a picture of your current tax situation and opportunities to improve your financial future. Reduce taxable income, lower marginal tax rates, take advantage of tax deferral, increase tax credit eligibility and reduce taxes paid on Social Security. Gain a clear picture of you interest and dividend income, capital gains and losses, deductions, and qualified retirement plan contributions. Take the steps to achieve your financial goals with the 1040 Snapshot.

  • 1040 Snapshot

    A little-known tax rule may reduce taxation on employee-sponsored plan distributions by as much as 20 percent. Presenting the "Net Unrealized Appreciation" sales system will separate you from the competition and enable you to attract high net-worth clients.

  • NUA Analysis

    This personalized report has been designed to help you evaluate how to handle the taxation of any losses that may be sitting unrealized within your non-qualified annuity contract. You will gain helpful information to decide whether to take advantage of the tax implication related to this situation.

  • Non-Qualified Annuity Quick Calculation

    The Roth IRA Conversion Report provides an objective analysis prepared by a CPA to help determine whether a Roth IRA conversion is appropriate for your particular situation. The report evaluates your current financial scenario and illustrates the effects of converting available retirement assets to a Roth IRA, paying the conversion tax with other assets, and allowing the Roth IRA to grow.

  • Roth Conversion

    The Second Opinion Tax Review prepared by a CPA is a comprehensive review of your prior-year tax return. The review presents concrete steps to capitalize on missed savings as well as suggestions to lower your future tax bills.

  • 1040 Second Opinion Tax Review